God Will Children foundation

God's will children Foundation

God’s Will Children Foundation, Love, Child Rescue, Education, Mission, Empowerment and shelter with Clean Water.

We demonstrate Jesus!

We are a team that has formed a special bond by sharing the same heart to make a tangible difference to end suffering in the Uganda and the world. We do tangible things that change lives by providing food, medication, clothing, shelter, clean water, education and much more. When we honor God by trusting him, he shows up in miracles, signs and wonders. Others, come along with us by way of financing the missions or helping us create fundraisers to support our projects, hence sending us love and support through donations and gift packages. Some are “sponsor parents” and some pray for us as  we all understand this is vital to our success.

We rescue the lost and poorest children of Uganda from being sold into marriage or worse and from the painful death or starvation. We give them love and hope for a life worth living. We do what we can and together we make big changes. We are making real difference in the lives of children of Uganda led by our founder NSAMBA to save the children of Kaberamaido, Eastern Uganda as well as the entire Uganda ,East Africa. With a heart to give a hand up rather than just a hand out, we are not only providing food, formal education and skilled training, we are also hoping to partner with various organization in efforts of reaching various objectives.


Please keep us in your prayers. In 2016 as I was joining University,  I established an organization, God’s will children Foundation.

I started it not because I have enough, but to help many vulnerable orphans and needy to stand and have a bright future, through education, fighting for human rights, teaching skills and empowering ,by improving their standards in the community.

Each child deserves a bright future, a beautiful smile from the  heart without worrying about anything.

“Kindness to the poor is a loan ,God will repay you.”

Proverbs 19:1                          

NSAMBA UMARU: Founder, Psychiatric Clinical Officer.

Thank you for praying for us.